Gospel Centered Focus

The entire Bible is the unfolding message of the Gospel story. The Old Testament looks towards the coming Messiah, the New Testament looks back to the cross of Christ and Jesus sacrifice as the foundation of all that we believe.

Young Member Minded

From the youngest member of Phx Arabic Bible Church we are conscious of the admonition of Jesus that we are not to "despise the least of these [children]". God has given us a unique and timely ministry to deal with heart issues of our youngest members of our church family so that we can encourage and build them up in their new walk with the Lord Jesus.

We love families

This is essential to everything that we do. We are only as strong as our families are strong in our youth department. We want to keep a transparent relationship between what happens in the classroom in regards to your child's learning materials and content. We want to encourage a weekly time of review of previous lessons taught to build and encourage your faith.

We value your feedback

We want to hear from you directly if you have any questions or concerns at all. Please don't hesitate to approach a teacher, or if you feel more comfortable you can contact Pastor Tylor directly with any staff concerns.  - May God bless you and thank you for allowing us to assist with your children's continued spiritual growth!